Marketing Services

In addition to leads we provide the technology to help you contact and convert the leads to sales.

Auto Dialer

Our auto dialer allows you to load a list if leads and call them one at a time or if you have multiple operators you can use the predictive dialer features to call hundreds at a time.

After we load your list, any number of your agents can login and the dialer will call them.  When they answer the press “begin dialing” and the dialer starts calling people.  Your agent hears music on hold until someone answers, then the name pops up as well as the script.

If a voicemail answers, you press the “smart drop” button and it waits for the beep and leaves a prerecorded message while you go on to the next call.  Read more about the cloud autodialer.

Robo Calls

The robo dialer system allows you to load a list of leads and call each one with a prerecorded message encouraging the prospect to press 1 to be connected to a live operator.  Read more about robocall services.

Mass Text

Our mass text  service is available to contact our leads.  Subscribe for bi-weekly texts to be sent to your prospects.   Read more about our text services here.

Outbound Telemarketing Service

We call your leads and transfer them to you or set an appointment.  Read more about our telemarketing services.