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foreclosure loan modification leads

Are you struggling to acquire motivated clients facing foreclosure? Mortgage Leads Network provides high-quality pre-foreclosure leads to grow your foreclosure defense business.

Whether you are a lawyer or non-attorney provider, we understand the challenges in connecting with distressed homeowners actively seeking help. That’s why we developed a system to deliver targeted, real-time exclusive leads matched to professionals like you.

With Mortgage Leads Network, you get:

  • Pre-screened leads in your service area
  • Competitive pricing and flexible payment options
  • A dedicated account manager to help you succeed
  • Complete transparency into each lead’s details
  • A proven track record in the industry

Our lead generation experts work hard to ensure we provide a managed flow of exclusive pre-foreclosure leads when you need them most. So you can focus on delivering excellent legal or non-legal services, not chasing down new clients.

If inconsistent lead sources are holding your foreclosure defense business back, contact us today. Get started with a risk-free trial and say goodbye to struggling to find quality prospects. Join the top providers partnering with Mortgage Leads Network to fuel their growth!

Short Form Lead Example:
How much are your monthly payments? $1050
Who is Your Lender? PHH Mortgage
Status of your payments 3 – 12 Months behind
State Florida
Your First Name ********
Your Last Name *******
Email *****@***.***
Cell Phone 999999999
Long Form Lead Sample: (include at no charge when available)
Property Type Single Family Residence
Estimated Value Of Your Home $300,000
Estimated Total Loan Amount Owed $65,000
What is your current interest rate (if you know) 4.000%
How much are your monthly payments? 1033
Can you now afford to start making regular payments again? Yes
How many months are you behind? 3
How much do you owe on just the mortgage delinquency? 3330
Do you want help to get it removed from your credit report. No
Income Source Employed W-2
Monthly Income before taxes 4500
Have you filed any bankruptcy in the last 7 years? No
Have you applied for loan modification already? Yes
Were you denied for a loan mod? no
Have you previously been approved for a loan mod? Yes
When 2021
Have you had a forbearance agreement? No
Has a Sheriffs / Trustee Sale date been set? No
Is your property listed for sale? No
Which solution is your first choice? Loan Modification (permanent change in your payments)
What hardship(s) lead to your missed payments? Loss of employment or reduced income, Medical emergencies or illness
Name Johnny
Your Last Name ************
Property Street Address ***** NW ****
Miami, Florida 33147
Email ********
Cell Phone 786971****
IP Address

Single order 10 leads @ $55 $45 each.