Marketing Services

We are pleased to offer telemarketing packages to our customers. This service includes outbound telemarketing and text messaging services. It is appropriate for mortgage, credit repair and foreclosure leads.

How it works

First you purchase a list of at least 300 leads, then we call the leads based on a schedule that we agree on. When we get a live answer, we qualify the prospect based on your criteria then we attempt to transfer the call live to you.

When we get voice mail we leave a message that you specify. When we get voice mail or no answer, we send a text message. We repeat this process 3 times calling at different times of the day.


The cost is is only $1.00 per lead for up to 3 calls, 3 voicemails and 3 text messages. The minimum is $300 to call 300 leads three times. The leads are purchased separately. Payment is made in advance and you can use this form to make a payment using MC/Visa or PayPal.